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Festival of nothingness

A festival that celebrates the true you!

The transformational festival, full of healing activities & mindful ceremonies, welcomes travelers, artists, healers, meditators, gypsies, professionals, shamans, explorers & seekers.


“Impromptu jams, river dips, hundreds of hugs a day. Sessions were great too. More than anything I got healed from my past traumas.”

Omkar Chitnis



Our Events

From our humble beginning in 2018, we’ve hosted 6 editions that have been nothing short of magical. Over the past 5 years, Shoonya Festival has not just been an event—it’s been a journey filled with unforgettable moments that have touched souls and built a community bound by joy and spirit.

The transformational festival ground, full of fun activities & mindful ceremonies welcomes

The transformational festival ground, full of fun activities & mindful ceremonies welcomes

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Words of our tribe

These 72 hours have the ability to reset a life you’ve been living for years together because you spend such quality time with yourself and learn to appreciate every damn thing around you..

Malvikka Shahani

Malvikka Shahani

Attending Shoonya was a profound journey of self-discovery for me. It allowed me to process my emotions and understand them fully before expressing myself. I found moments of vulnerability, love, and pure bliss throughout the retreat. 

Barkha Kashyap

Barkha Kashyap

This experience was heartwarming and blissful for me. There was no judgement, no criticism but only people embracing each other with open arms and warm smiles and that felt like home!!

Megha Agrawal

Megha Agrawal

Shoonya helped me embrace this truth and encouraged me to live a life driven by meaningful connections and purposeful actions. It was a transformative experience that has stayed with me ever since.

Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary

Love is so abundant here, you hug every person you see, share smiles with them.
I am grateful, thankful and feeling very loved.


Ruchi Nair

Ruchi Nair

It was just something else! I cried a lot and realized that we have a lot of power within ourselves. It is truly incredible to witness the strength and resilience that lies within each individual.

Rashi Bhatia

Rashi Bhatia

Mindfulness Partners


Still hesitant? Answers to your doubts are here!

Your pass includes participation in all the activities, accommodation for 2 nights, all meals for Feb 24, 25 and breakfast lunch for Feb 26.

No, the pass does not cover the travel but only your accommodation, food and access to all the festival activities.

In the co-living setup, all the attendees, facilitator and artists will be living together. Every camp/room will host the members of the same gender. You choose the number of new souls to connect with, by your choice of pass.

Absolutely! This festival is the safest experience for solo travelers regardless of gender, race, cast and creed. There is a zero tolerance policy for bad vibes which leads to immediate termination of your pass in case of questionable behavior.

To cancel your check-in you shall notify the team one week prior to the retreat for the ease of management. However, the amount of booking shall not be refunded on cancellation.

If you are unable to attend the festival due to any unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your pass to someone else with the approval of the Shoonya team until February 10th.

The money received from the passes is utilized in putting up the retreat and is thus not available for refunds.

Loose clothing, reusable water bottle, and hiking shoes are a must in your backpack to enjoy the retreat smoothly. Carry a couple of warm layers to stay cozy in the cold evenings and mornings. If you’re a favorite of mosquitoes, then don’t forget to grab a mosquito repellant as it’s a retreat in the wild!