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Sound Bath

Jaipur Jantar, Jaipur
11th February, 2024

Who Can Join

Perfect for individuals of all backgrounds, whether you're a beginner or experienced in relaxation practices

Experience Awaits

Immerse in a transformative hour with curated sounds, fostering calmness, rejuvenation, and inner balance.

For Every Age

All ages welcome! Experience harmonizing benefits suitable for both the young and mature participants.

Details & Inclusions

  • Immerse in one-hour sessions, harmonizing Chakras with soothing sounds.
  • Combat stress and enhance productivity through the power of sound.

  • Find inner peace and recharge, facing life with renewed energy and focus.
  • Explore well-being tools for daily challenges, leaving our session with relaxation and positivity.


Mohak, 5+ years as a sound meditation facilitator and multi-genre music producer inspired by nature’s foley sounds. Expertise in therapeutic sound.

Lakshya, a passionate musician, guitarist, and teacher, creates emotive stories and melodies through string instruments for sound meditation experiences.

“Impromptu jams, river dips, hundreds of hugs a day. Sessions were great too. More than anything I got healed from my past traumas.”

Omkar Chitnis


Tune your Chakras

A transformative practice using therapeutic properties of specific frequencies and sounds to harmonize with the body’s natural vibrations.

Balancing Mind and Body Through Sound Meditation!

The objective of this session is to tune the body using specific frequencies, promoting patience, reducing stress, and restoring balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

The process involves sitting comfortably in a carefully curated sound environment and meditating under the guidance of a sound bath facilitator.

The experience is characterized by a patient state of mind, a sense of calmness, and relaxation in both body and mind. Participants often report a noticeable reduction in chaos and anxiety, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

Morning Melodies

10:00 AM
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Afternoon Attune

2:00 PM
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Evening Euphonies

5:00 PM
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Featured In

“Shoonya gave me courage and restored faith to trust the process of the universe.
One thought I am going to remind myself time and again is – Feel abundance by giving it to others.”

Nirali Thakkar

Mindfulness Partners

Still hesitant? Answers to your doubts are here!

A patient state of mind, calmness, and relaxation, leading to reduced chaos and anxiety.

Both sessions offer the same immersive experience, allowing flexibility for attendees to choose a convenient time.

Absolutely! The session is designed for all levels, and the sound bath facilitator provides guidance for a seamless experience.

  • No, the sessions are suitable for participants of all ages, providing a rejuvenating experience for everyone.