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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ticket Info

Ticket Price: Your ticket covers all taxes. It’s yours only—no sharing or transferring.

E-Ticket: Show your confirmation email on your phone or a printout, along with a valid government ID like Aadhar Card, Driving License, or Passport.

What You Get

Access: Your ticket gets you into the festival area on the day or days listed. Check our website for details on food and accommodation.

No Refunds

Non-Refundable: Bought a ticket? It’s final. No money back, even if activities change or get canceled.

Keep It Clean

Trash: Use the right bins for your garbage.

Zero Tolerance

Drugs: We have a zero-drug policy. Period.
Dangerous Acts: No moshing, diving, or throwing stuff. We’re not liable for injuries from such acts.

Smoking Rules

Smoking: No smoking allowed in the festival space.

Legal Stuff

Illegal Entry: Get caught sneaking in? You’ll face the police and pay us for the trouble.
Local Annoyance: Don’t annoy the locals.

What Not to Bring

Banned Items: Leave the glass bottles, cans, fireworks, explosives, alcohol, and illegal stuff at home.

Not Our Fault

Liability: We’re not responsible for accidents or thefts.

Follow the Rules
  • Ejection: Break the rules or ignore staff, and you’re out. No refunds.
  • Agreement: Buying a ticket means you agree to all these rules. So read them first.
Respect Locals

Local Traditions: Be nice. Respect local customs.

Final Note

Review: Double-check all rules and restrictions before buying your ticket.

By purchasing a ticket, you agree to these Terms & Conditions. Thank you for making Shoonya Festival awesome!