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Shoonya Yoga Retreat

Vinyasa Dance Ashram, Jaipur
17-20 August 2023
Yoga, Trekking, Connections & Fun Excursions

Awaken & Renew

Revitalize with yoga, pottery, and meditation to ignite your zest for life.

Flow & Radiate

Immerse in treks, mindful movement and body painting that radiate inner creativity and balance.

Nourish & Revitalize

Nurture body, mind, and spirit with healing food, journaling and eco stay for holistic well-being.

Details & Inclusions

  • A four-day, three-night retreat at the comfortable Vinyasa Dance Ashram.
  • Daily rejuvenating and strengthening asana practices.
  • Mindfulness and inner peace through daily guided meditation sessions.
  • Creativity through pottery and community cooking workshops.
  • Self-discovery with a reflective journaling session.
  • Self-expression and emotional release in dance and movement sessions.
  • Unique Ayurvedic body painting experience using herbs and clay.
  • Close contact with nature through rural walks and a trek in the Aravalli range.
  • Enjoy traditional rural local food, prepared in the Satvik style.
    Appreciate the full beauty of nature, particularly during the monsoon.

“Impromptu jams, river dips, hundreds of hugs a day. Sessions were great too. More than anything I got healed from my past traumas.”

Omkar Chitnis


Find your Shoonya

Discover the subtlety in a disciplined routine. Immerse yourself in transformative yoga, meditation, and holistic activities. Connect with your own tribe, find your flow, and nurture your soul. Embrace the power of authentic connections in a supportive and inclusive environment. Enroll today for an unforgettable retreat experience that will leave you calm, inspired and transformed.

A tribe that celebrates the true you!

Life can be demanding, overwhelming, and sometimes, there’s a feeling of disconnect. We created the Shoonya Yoga Retreat – to press-pause, breathe deeply, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. At Vinyasa Dance Ashram, explore the depths of your being and embrace the connections that truly matter.

It’s more about the people at the Shoonya Yoga Retreat which is a gathering of seekers from all walks of life, united by a shared desire for growth. It’s a chance to meet kind spirits, forge deep friendships, and create lasting memories in an inclusive environment.

About the Venue

Vinyasa Dance ashram, located near Kalwad, Jaipur, is a serene eco-space that harmonizes movement and nature. With its stunning bamboo architecture and open studio, dancers experience a liberating sense of freedom. The ashram, surrounded by lush fields, offers a natural and organic environment.

Accommodation options range from dorms to mud houses. At Vinyasa, authenticity and connection to nature are paramount, aligning perfectly with the Shoonya Wellness Yoga Retreat. Immerse yourself in this tranquil haven where movement and nature intertwine, inviting you to rediscover your inner self and find balance in the embrace of Vinyasa Dance Ashram.


Accommodation for 3 nights
All Meals
All workshops
Book Now


Accommodation for 3 nights
All Meals
All workshops
Book Now

The transformational retreat, full of healing activities & mindful ceremonies welcomes Artists


Featured In

“Shoonya gave me courage and restored faith to trust the process of the universe.
One thought I am going to remind myself time and again is – Feel abundance by giving it to others.”

Nirali Thakkar

Mindfulness Partners

Still hesitant? Answers to your doubts are here!

Absolutely! The retreat welcomes participants of all levels, including beginners.

Comfortable clothing for yoga, easy footwear, mosquito repellent, any important medication if required, a water bottle, a journal, and an open mind!

The retreat is open to individuals of all age groups. However, participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Absolutely! Our retreats are designed to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where participants have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals.

Yes, we have built-in free time within the itinerary to allow participants to relax, explore the beautiful surroundings of Vinyasa Dance Ashram, or engage in personal reflection.